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Coronavirus Update

Your health and safety are our priority. During this time, we have implemented additional safety precautions, which is why ALL OUR STAFF MEMBERS HAVE BEEN VACCINATED for their and your protection.

Comprehensive Service and Personalized Care

Looking for family dentistry is a great way to take care of the dental needs of yourself, your spouse, and your children all at once. However, as any parent knows, when your children are involved you want to make sure that your dentist is someone in whom you can place the utmost trust. We've been caring for the healthy smiles of San Jose adults and children alike for years. This high level of experience gives us not only the necessary skills but also the calm and gentle chairside manner that is so important when providing dental care to children.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dental Cleanings

Your dentist's concern is for your overall oral health and your teeth, not whether you've made the standard number of appointments for this year.

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Plaque, Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Our goal is to help you enjoy the best oral health possible, whether that’s simply removing plaque or advanced solutions.

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Dental Examinations

The dentist will check your mouth, teeth, and jaw for any problems. Early resolution of problems will help you keep your natural teeth.

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First Dental Visit

When you first visit a new dentist, part of your initial exam is an assessment of your "bite" - the way teeth meet as the jaws close.

Night guards

Child Dental Emergencies

If a dental emergency should happen to your child, please remember to act quickly. Stay calm, bring the child to us and we'll take care of you immediately.