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Advanced Diagnostic Technology

In an effort to provide you with superior care, Dr. Isaac Lin has integrated some of the most advanced dental technology into Santana Park Dental Care. These tools help us minimize discomfort and treatment times while ensuring attractive aesthetic results. From intraoral Diagnodent Laser, Cariesvu Infrared Transillumination and Vizilite Cancer Screening. We provide you and your family, the best and most advanced dental technology.

Mouth Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, about 30,000 new cases of mouth cancer are diagnosed annually in the U.S. About half of those who have oral cancer die within five years. Early detection can make a dramatic difference in treating cancer at curable stages and reducing oral cancer deaths.
The oral cancer scanner provides dentists a new evaluation tool that can lead to a significant reduction in cancer deaths. An estimated 8,100 people will die from mouth cancer this year. This new dentistry tool has shown remarkable merit as a reliable dental health device. By providing an accurate diagnosis, it has become a crucial weapon in the fight against oral cancer.

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What is it?

It is our goal to help you maintain and improve your oral health. To achieve this goal, the dental care that you and your family receive in our office always includes state-of-the-art equipment. Among the newest technologies is a small laser instrument called the DIAGNOdent, which scans your teeth for hidden decay.
Locating hidden decay before it destroys tooth structure (from the inside out) is a major goal of modern dentistry. The widespread use of fluoride supplements in dental materials, toothpastes, and drinking water have made tooth surfaces harder and more resistant to decay.
However, diagnosing cavities beneath the hard surfaces is more challenging because the disease process can start through microscopic defects in the hard surface enamel and can readily spread into the softer tooth structure beneath the surface. X-rays and probing with an explorer are limited in detecting sub-surface decay, particularly when the cavity is in its early stages. Fortunately, the new DIAGNOdent is a major breakthrough that allows the dentist to monitor the areas below the hard surfaces. The DIAGNOdent allows the dentist to locate hidden decay, and with the treatment trusted the spread of disease before it destroys the tooth from within.

Is it Safe?

It is patient-friendly, especially for children!
This unique instrument provides instant feedback on the health of the tooth. A pen-like probe simply glides over the tooth surfaces constantly checking the health of the tooth. A number scale and an alarm signals the operator and patient when there are signs of hidden decay. This new technology is safe and pain-free for patients.
We encourage regular dental check-ups, cleanings and home care. Early detection of problems minimize the expenses related to major tooth repair. New technologies take us a giant step forward to helping you achieve the goal of minimally invasive dentistry.
With conventional instruments, it is generally not possible to probe drop-shaped fissures.
DIAGNOdent has the great advantage of
detecting caries in the very early stage by measuring the laser flourescence within the tooth structure.

With our experienced team, we will find a treatment that is suitable for your condition and restore your mouth back to optimal health. For more information or to make an appointment, call Santana Park Dental Care in San Jose today at (408) 246-0103.

ViziLite ® Plus

Oral Lesion Identification and Marking System


The newest tool in the fight against oral disease is the ViziLite ® Plus oral lesion identification and marking system.

ViziLite ® Plus, from Zila Pharmaceuticals, combines the oral screening technology of ViziLite, an advanced chemiluminescent light technology to help detect oral abnormalities, with TBlue630T. TBlue630 is the only patented pharmaceutical-grade form of toluidine blue that has been cleared by the FDA for use in marking lesions identified during a ViziLite examination.

ViziLite Plus makes oral screening more comprehensive than ever before and is indicated for use in individuals at increased risk of oral cancer. If ViziLite reveals an abnormality, TBlue630 can be used to mark suspicious lesions for further evaluation.